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US and Cross-Border Payroll Related Services

US and Cross-Border Tax Accountant - Payroll Related Services

  • Does your company regularly send its employees to the US or overseas, whether on long-term or short-term engagements?
  • Does your company have a reimbursement policy for its employees who split their work between the US and Canada?
  • Are you a Canadian resident who is on a payroll of a US company?
  • Are you a Canadian self-employed or an employee shareholder who routinely engages in US service provision projects?

If you have answered with at least one “yes”, it is time to come and see us.

Employers who send their employees to provide services in the US on behalf of either a Canadian company or a US-related company may inadvertently create lots of problems from the US personal, US corporate or US payroll perspectives. It is important that the company’s management have a good understanding of what cross-border work entails and takes solid measures to mitigate any potential issues.

At Bazar McBean LLP, we assist both multinational employers and sole-shareholder employees who are facing potential double taxation and reporting obligations due to their service provision outside of their country of residency. There are ways to minimize tax costs, adverse tax implications and onerous penalties if proper documentation is in place or certain elections are done in a timely manner.

Some of the services we offer for mobile cross-border employees and their employers include:

  • Review of the number of days an employee is present in the US within a 12 month period to determine reporting and withholding obligations in both home and host countries
  • Review of compensation and reimbursement policies for various benefits
  • Advising on setting up a secondment agreement and helping to establish a “shadow payroll” to report compensation in the host country
  • Advising on social security, WCIB and unemployment insurance contributions for short-term or long-term foreign employment
  • Assisting with income sourcing for equity compensation when it is granted, vested or received
  • Obtaining waivers to reduce home country withholdings
  • Assisting with hypo tax computations and tax equalizations for employees on international assignments
Client Testimonials

Dear David,

On behalf of Andrea and myself, I wanted to reach out to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for the excellent advice you have given us from an accounting, financial and tax perspective. Quite honestly, we view you and your firm as an extension of our business. Your integrity and honesty are above reproach, and the trust we have developed over our 11-year history is unprecedented in our view.


Judy L. & Andrea F.

Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Advisors

For more than ten years, the company and I have worked with David Bazar for complex personal and corporate, US and Canadian, tax planning and compliance matters, as well as personal and business advisory matters. The entire team at Bazar McBean has been brilliant to work with, and has helped us achieve the success we are so proud of.

Vincent Scalisi, President

I have been working with Ross McBean and his accounting firm, Bazar McBean, for 20 years, for both my personal and business taxes and accounting needs.   

He and his staff are always professional, helpful in all matters, and offer many tips and advices which can lead to better business handling. 

It has been a pleasure knowing and working with Ross all these years, as he truly has made the accounting and tax part of being a business owner a breeze.

Thank you, Ross and your fantastic team at Bazar McBean.

Tomas Bleho, President

We have been dealing with the Ross McBean at Bazar McBean CPAs since 1994.

As a satisfied client, we have always found Ross to have our best interest in mind, whether for general accounting work or for specialized requirements and advice he is always there for us.

We have grown with him from a home based operation to a full manufacturing facility over the last 25 Years.

John Marsh, President

Ross McBean of Bazar McBean Chartered Professional Accountants has been our accountant since 1989, which speaks for itself.  His service has always been professional, courteous and timely.

Jeremy Willis, Managing Director

We have used Bazar McBean Charter Professional Accountants (more specifically Ross McBean) for our 3 companies and all family personal taxes for many years. Not only have they offered full affordable accounting services, they helped us with responding to all CRA requests and audits, what to expect in new product planning costs, expansion plans, and even merging companies together to save on filing and taxation fees. In some cases their advice while initially we felt was inaccurate and overstated, over time they were proven to be on the mark. When needed for our USA and export sales, they were able to advise possible USA based distribution tax vulnerabilities and assist us with working out the pros versus cons on many possible new endeavors to help us best decide. Furthermore, when needed they reached out to other colleagues and recommended very specific people and companies to work with in cases of company valuations and company succession tax planners. I have and will continue to recommend them to others.

Derrick Kurz, President