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Submitting Your Documents To Us

Submitting Your Documents Electronically

To keep our fees as low as possible, please ensure you follow the steps below. This will significantly reduce the time we need to spend managing and sorting electronic documents.

  1. Only send documents in PDF format not JPEG or another photo type format. Free websites and phone apps are available to convert image files into PDFs. Some examples are below. (A quick Google search will reveal other options.)
    1. Iphone - Guide to Saving Photos on your phone as PDF without third party apps.
    2. Web based - Convert JPG and other Image Formats to PDF
  2. Send the documents through the portal  or email them to us as an attachment, not embedded in the email.
  3. Name the documents something meaningful such as 2023 T4 or January 2023 bank statement.
  4. Group similar documents together as much as possible. For example: Send us bank statements for the whole year in order by month as one PDF instead of 12 separate documents. If you have multiple T-5 slips, combine them into one document.
    1. Once you have converted your image files to PDF's you can Merge them into one PDF document here: Free Merge PDF Utility
  5. If you have the option please ensure your files can be Printed and Edited.  ie. Do not set them to Read Only.

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