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COVID-19 Announcement

COVID-19 Announcement

How To Deliver Your  Documents To Us

We are open but are naturally trying to avoid unnecessary personal contact.

The security of your confidential information is important to us. We offer various ways for you to send us your documents in a secure manner.

You may electronically complete and submit our checklists, as applicable, through our WEB site under "Client Forms".

To submit your original documents:

  1. If you don’t already have one, we can set up a secure FTP Portal for you that will allow you to drag and drop your document(s) directly to a private folder on our Server. (Please combine documents in a single PDF before you submit them, if possible).
  2. To minimize the time required for us to complete your work, please combine individual documents into multiple page PDF’s before you upload them.

    Also, please wait until you have everything that you think that we will need and upload it all at the same time.

To fill out and electronically submit a request for a Client Portal, Click Here:

  1. You may email your information in a PDF document that is password protected using the last 4 digits of your Business Number, Social Insurance Number or Social Security Number.
  2. You may FAX us your information to 1-866-480-0221. This fax number comes directly to a secure email in electronic format, not a physical fax machine.
  3. You may drop your information in an envelope into our mail slot in the front door of the office.
  4. You may courier or mail us the documents.