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Estates and Trusts Tax and Trustee Services

Estates and Trusts Tax and Trustee Services

  • Have you done an estate freeze with a trust, or any party related to the trusts, who are US citizens, green card holders or Canadians aspiring to move to the US?
  • If either you or your spouse is a US citizen, have you structured your estate considering both US and Canadian tax implications?
  • Have you purchased a US real property or are you considering buying one but wonder about the tax implications on its ownership and sale?
  • Did you recently find out that you will be receiving a sizable inheritance from the US?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, now could be a good time to see us at Bazar McBean LLP.

We frequently provide compliance and advisory services to US citizens in Canada, Canadians with family residing in the US and Canadians investing into the United States. With our balanced knowledge in US and Canadian income taxes, US transfer taxes and Canadian estate administration fees, we hope to bring you and your loved ones a peace of mind, so you are able to concentrate on what’s important to your life other than taxes.

We have working knowledge of US and Canada individual domestic tax laws as well as tax benefits frequently available pursuant to the US-Canadian Income Tax Convention. What is often viewed as a logical solution from
he Canadian tax perspective sometimes turns into a complete disaster from a cross-border perspective. We want to
ensure that you receive the best advice in a timely manner before any expensive structures are implemented.
The right approach can help reduce taxes and preserve your family wealth.

Some of the examples of US and Cross-Border Estate and Trust services include the following:

  • Planning for foreign trusts on immigration to Canada, arrival to and departure from the US
  • Analysis of a Canadian trust with US citizens or residents as beneficiaries or trustees
  • Analysis of a dual resident individual life insurance trust
  • Advising on ownership of US real property through a US Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Filing and reporting obligations for a Canadian decedent who owned more than USD $60,000 in value of US real estate, securities or debt on the date of his/her death
  • Advising on gifts made by Canadian residents or US citizen taxpayers
  • Assisting with planning strategies for a spousal trust when one of the spouses is a US citizen